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Playmor Bernardo HOA Meeting Minutes

Playmor Bernardo HOA Meeting Minutes

If you are a homeowner who is interested in how things are running at Playmor, you are cordially invited to attend meetings.

Who is welcome: All Playmor Bernardo homeowners are strongly encouraged to attend.

When: Homeowner meetings normally occur on the third Thursday of each month. Occasionally we may have to change the date – please telephone to confirm. The meetings Typically start at 7:00 pm.. Exceptions: This date may occasionally change due to the proximity of a holiday. The November meeting will take place during the day on the second Saturday of November.

Where: Monthly meetings are held within the office inside the gate at pool #2. The November meeting is held at the tennis courts.

What happens: At 7:00 pm your elected Board of Directors commences each meeting with a review of the previous meeting and recent developments. Budget items – how your money is being spent – are typically a substantial part of every meeting. At 8:00 the meeting pauses for the owners’ forum and violations hearings. This pause continues as necessary until all the visiting homeowners have been heard. The meeting then resumes, continuing until all agenda and new items are completed. At this point, the meeting recesses and visiting homeowners depart. The Executive Session then commences, during which decisions on rules violations are made.

Why you should attend: As a Playmor Bernardo homeowner, we want you to be fully informed on everything that is happening and that will occur with your home and the Playmor Bernardo community. In addition to reading this website and the Playmor Post, perhaps the best way to stay informed is to attend the meetings and participate in the owners’ forum.

Certain meetings focus on additional areas

March meeting discussion includes budget items for the upcoming fiscal year that begins July 1.

April meetings require that the budget for the upcoming fiscal year be finalized. This will normally include a detailed discussion of long term Budget and Reserve Funding requirements.

November meetings are held on a Saturday under a canopy at the tennis courts. All owners are briefed on the state of affairs at Playmor.