June 16, 2008

Call to Order / Opening Remarks by the President (7:05 p.m.)          

Owners Forum: (7:06 p.m.)
Owners may address The Board – 2 minutes for each homeowner – collectively 30 minutes maximum.  (Written submissions accepted over 30 minute time limit).

  • A homeowner questioned the status of the two (2) maintenance sheds on Ashburton Road.  Funding for the construction of the new maintenance area is item # 5 of the Special Assessment.  Sheds will then be moved to behind the tennis courts.    


  • A homeowner asked if the tennis court was going to be resurfaced this year and what is the status of the new playground?  No, the tennis courts will not be resurfaced this year, and funding for the playground is item # 6 of the Special Assessment.  
  • A homeowner asked why Pool #2 was being resurfaced for $20,000.  The manger explained this item was not in the budget for Fiscal Year 2009, and had not been done in Fiscal Year 2008.


  • A homeowner wants to know the time frame of completion of items of the Special Assessment that was passed in January.   Each item is being worked on in the order of importance assigned by the Board as funds are collected.
  • A homeowner questioned the items allocated for the Special Assessment.  What do monthly HOA fees cover?  Board member, Susan Joseph, explained the monthly dues covered water, cable, insurance and regular maintenance of the organization.   This owner also questioned the amount of money budgeted for the pools, why that dollar amount?  This category of funds pays for the upkeep for 2 pools, 2 jacuzzis, 4 bathrooms, as well as all of the daily use of chemicals, equipment and upkeep for both of the pool areas.   


  • A homeowner expressed financial concern about the community.  The Manager explained that the financial situation is much better now than it was last year and will continue in that direction as so many deferred maintenance items are now in the process of completion due to the Special Assessment passed by the Playmor membership. 
  • Water Conservation Issues: Open discussion about the installation of low flush toilets and the reimbursement program from the city of San Diego.  Any Playmor resident who installs a low flush toilet is eligible for rebates from this program.  The HOA can provide owners with the account number for the rebate application. 


  • A homeowner questioned the ability to own certain types of dogs.  According to the Rules & Regulations:   Pet ownership is limited to two common household pets, the rules only specify, No Rottweiler’s or Pit Bulls are allowed.


Approval of Meeting Minutes for May 19, 2008 (7:34 p.m.) 

Approval of Executive Meeting Minutes for June 5, 2008 (7:34 p.m.)


Violations: (7:38 p.m.)

On May 12, 2008 Owners and/or Tenants is/are accused of violating the Rules & Regulations:  Modification of existing landscaping is not permitted without prior written approval by the Board of Directors.  Violation: Removal of existing landscaping.
Violation Found  (MSC)  

This complaint was withdrawn:                                                                

May 17 at approximately 10:20 p.m., a white 4 door Honda parked in my assigned spot. I was going to have it towed when three males and a female came out of 17xxx Fairlie and a loud argument ensued between us. They finally left. 12 days later (May 28 or 29) “the car in” my assigned space was “keyed” down the whole side. I’ve never had any problems like this until these renters moved in.

The submitting owner requested that no monetary fine be imposed. 


Owners Request (7:42 p.m.)

  • The homeowner at 11xxx Timaru Way requested to appeal the fine imposed on his property at the May 19, 2008 Board meeting.  He complied with the Board’s request on May 21, 2008. A Board member made a motion to remove the 2nd $100 fine.  (MSC)
  • A homeowner complained about several other homeowners using their garage as storage.  The Board encourages all homeowners to use their garage space for parking a car.  The Board of Directors (as other Board’s before them) determined that enforcement on this issue is problematic.  The Board will continue to encourage owners to clean out their garages with Clean-Up / Haul- Away events sponsored by the HOA.


  • A homeowner requested to appeal one of the three (3) fines imposed on her property for improperly installing a satellite dish.  No Board member advocated the appeal.  President, Jeff Wilson, asked her to get a letter from the Direct TV technician explaining the issues.  The owner noted poor signal reception from both the patio and second story deck. 

Committee Reports (8:18 p.m.)

  • Landscape Committee: 
  • There was discussion about wall plant irrigation.  Landscape Committee representative, Linda Steverson, explained that she and volunteers were still watering the trees along the wall.  She was discussing plans for the irrigation of trees with George. 
  • All new planting is on hold until the fall and cooler weather is here in October.
  • The Manager requested for Linda to have a certain amount of money that she may

spend for plants for the entire community without prior authorization of the Board as a whole.  President said she already had this because funds were budgeted for this item line for Fiscal Year 2009.  A Board member was concerned with impulsive purchases ending with “hodge podge” through out the community. 

  • The Board accepted and approved the landscape request from the owner of 17xxx Fairlie Road.


  • The Board would appreciate continued Progress Reports from the Landscaping Committee.


Manager’s Report (8:29 p.m.)

  • Financials
  • An owner on Fairlie Road submitted a promissory note with anticipated payment date in June.  That homeowner requested the Board re-instate their status as “Members in Good Standing” so they can have pool privileges for the summer.  A motion was made to restore their status as members in “Good Standing” with the provisory commitment that all fines will be paid with the July payment. (MSC)  This owner also requested the Special Assessment Payment Plan be reverted back to $100 per month.  A Board member made a motion to revert back to $100 Special Assessment payment plan.  (MSC)
  • Board member, Linda Steverson, questioned the amount of money spent on the vinyl fence.  The manager explained the cost of demolition was separate, it is very costly to dump stucco, and the large heavy beams inside the patio walls.  If multiple patio walls were being demolished it would be less expensive to rent a dumpster in the future. 


  • Board member, Allen Hogan, inquired about the tree trimming item in the Reserves Budget for 2009.  There is valid concern that this item is underfunded for this coming Fiscal Year.  He questioned the practicality of splitting this item into two categories:  1) Tree Trimming and 2) Tree Removal.  He asked for the Board to collectively remember this is an area that they need to be watchful of throughout the year if the budget goes over.
  • A Board member inquired about the necessity to have “City issued” trash receptacles in Playmor for recycling.  The manager explained that the receptacle did have to be one issued by the City of San Diego Trash services.  She further explained that any resident that had a broken or damaged can could easily exchange it for a new one by contacting the city. 


  • The manager inquired if the Board would like to begin the small claims process while an owner still resides in Playmor.  This process could begin after the pre-lien and lien letters but before the resident had vacated the premises.  President, Jeff Wilson, said this was worth exploring because the Board has fiduciary responsibilities to those owners that are paying dues faithfully every month. 


  • Board Votes for Lien Approval(8:48 p.m.)

it is resolved that the board authorizes that a lien be recorded on the Properties with assessor parcel numbers listed below in the event payment in full is not received by the deadline imposed in the Intent to Lien letters.  

         Name:                                    Address:                           Assessor’s Parcel Number

  • Owner    (msc)                                  17xxx Fairlie Road           273-840-xx-xx
  • Owner    (msc)                    17xxx Fairlie Road             273-840-xx-xx

            No lien: The Board authorized no lien on this unit as the HOA has already been contacted by       the bank and their foreclosure in is process.  We will lien the bank if they do not take over   paying dues.

  • Owner                                   17xxx Ashburton Road       273-840-xx-xx


  • Notice of Default received from the following owners:



Assessor’s Parcel Number


17xxx Ashburton Road



17xxx Fairlie Road


Unfinished Business (9:11 p.m.)

  • Board to discuss/ adopt water conversation issues. This item was tabled from May 19, 2008. The topic was discussed in open forum.  Manager was instructed to include a spot in the newsletter informing owners that they can apply for rebates from installing low flush toilets.
  • The Board will continue on its’ collective effort to form a “vision” to outline the priorities of the Board, management and other staff for Fiscal Year 2009 and beyond.  This item was tabled for continued discussion as on ongoing project as the Board works on forming a strategic plan towards this goal. This will be discussed at next months Board meeting, July 21, 2008 with Vice-President, Todd Clark present.
  • Board member, Linda Steverson, requested the following topics:
  • Sidewalks that are lifted and need to be replaced

Vice-President, Todd Clark and his spouse, walked the property with map to mark the areas of concern  The Manager has concrete contractors coming out to give bids next week.  The Board will be updated with pricing before project proceeds.

  • Decks that are a danger for someone to walk on

            3.     Slats put in all decks to code
            4.     Driveways & parking spots
            5.     Boards on walls that are rotted
            6.     Fences need to be put back up at the places people walk

The two above bullets were tabled to July 21, 2008

  • Board member, Allen Hogan, inquired about what other HOA’s top 25 problem areas are in their communities.
  • Board member, Linda Steverson, requested that the sidewalk at 17xxx Fairlie Road be extended to their patio door.  She requested to pour concrete instead of placing stepping stones.  Pouring the new sidewalk was approved by the Board.  The Board will consider these requests on a case by case issue to establish if it is possible to do because the high cost.



New Business (9:26 p.m.)

  • The Board does not wish to extend red curbs for recycling and black trash containers along the street.


President, Jeff Wilson, had the idea to cut off the monthly Board meeting at a certain time.  Board member, Allen Hogan, agreed and suggested to have a 2nd meeting as a penalty meeting.  This will be discussed at next months meeting.

Allen suggested a flip chart with the meeting outline.  Jeff suggested a mechanism to control times of discussion.  Susan suggested that there be a five minute time after every bullet of the meeting where owners could ask questions and voice their concerns



Adjourn to Executive Session (9:30 p.m.)

Adjourn Meeting (11:00 p.m.) 

Next Months Board Meeting will be held on
Monday, July 21, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. in the HOA Office, Pool # 2. 

Prepared by PH- Administrative Assistant & RM- General Manager