December 8, 2008

Call to Order / Opening Remarks by the President 7:03 p.m.          

Approval of Meeting Minutes for November 15, 2008     (MSC) 7:04 p.m. 
Approval of Meeting Minutes for November 20, 2008     (MSC) 7:04 p.m.

Committee Reports 7:05 p.m.

  • Landscape Committee: 
  • Chairperson reported that the funding for the program for free trees was cut in November.  There is a possibility funding will be granted in January or February 2009.  Playmor’s application is on file and the program coordinator will contact the chairperson if funding becomes available again. 
  • The committee is going to upgrade the front entrance at Ritidan Way.  Design and planning of project are in process.  The committee also plans to enhance the Fairlie Road entrance.
  • The President inquired about the status of the patio tree removal project.  He requested that the Manager accelerate the completion of this project as some of the overgrown trees could pose a fire hazard to the community.  It was requested that the Landscape Committee assist the HOA office in gathering addresses to complete this project.

Manager’s Report  7:12 p.m.

  • Financials
  • Special Assessment Items:

The Manager reported that 3 of the Special Assessment Items have been completed.  These items include the QUEST re-plumbing, $75,000 funding to the roof loan and the deck replacement project.  The next item on the list is paving.  The Manager inquired if the Board wanted to move the maintenance area item before the paving due to the high cost of petroleum and petroleum by-products. The President requested the Manager to present a plan and scope of this project to the Board via e-mail because more information is needed on maintenance containers for a decision.  A motion was made to begin this project: to build retaining wall along the tennis courts, pour concrete slab and get more information on containers.  (MSC)

  • A motion was made to move the Monday, February 16, 2009 meeting to Monday, February 23, 2009 due to the Presidents Day holiday.  (MSC)
  • 15 minute budget presentation tool explanation by Jonathan Daitch.  This item was tabled from November meeting.  It was determined that JD will spend an entire day working with Manager to prepare for this presentation at the January meeting. 
  • The Board of Directors has reviewed the monthly bank reconciliation statements for October 2008 and approves them subject to review at year end by the auditor. 
  • A Board member requested that the Manager print the monthly check register landscape style and remove the totals column.
  • A brief reference guide on bank foreclosures with Q & A’s from Anderson and Kriger will be posted on the Playmor website.


  • Board Votes for Lien Approval  

it is resolved that the board authorizes that a lien be recorded on the Properties with assessor parcel numbers listed below in the event payment in full is not received by the deadline imposed in the Intent to Lien letters dated December 3, 2008. 

     name                                               address                         Assessor’s parcel Number
           Owners                                             11xxx Timaru Way             xxx-xxx-xx-xx     (MSC)
            Owners                                            17xxx Fairlie Road             xxx-xxx-xx-xx     (MSC)

  • Board Votes needed this month for Pre-Lien Letters thru Anderson & Kriger:

            name                                                 address
            Owners                                              17xxx  Ashburton Road: Revisit next month

Owners Forum 8:09 p.m

  • A Homeowner inquired about annual termite inspections throughout Playmor.  He noted that he is still working on getting a sponsor in order for SDG&E to do an energy audit for each home in Playmor. 
  • A Homeowner suggested looking into treating the mulch along buildings for bugs.   He also requested to move the Owners Forum part of the Board meeting to after Unfinished Business to encourage members to attend the entire meeting.
  • A Board member requested to have basic termite information available to the community in the Playmor Post.  Any Homeowners with questions could be directed to call the HOA office.


Owners Request 8:25 p.m.

  • This item was tabled from November meeting: The Owner at 17xxx Fairlie Road submitted an architectural change form in October.  This item was pulled from the Consent Agenda.   The Manager got a comparison bid between the external and internal cable wiring options and presented it to the Board.  A motion was made for the Manager to send a  violation letter with date of expiration one week prior to next Board meeting to run the cable wiring internally, not on the outside of the unit.  (MSC)
  • The Homeowner at 17xxx Fairlie Road offered to pay to have a tree trimmed by their home.  This request was approved by the Board.  A motion was made to let owner trim the tree to the Boards’ specifications using Playmor’s vendor.  (MSC)
  • The Homeowner at 17xxx Ashburton requested to have the tree outside his home trimmed at his own cost.  This request was approved by the Board.  A motion was made to let owner trim the tree to the Boards’ specifications using Playmor’s vendor.    (MSC)
  • The Homeowner at 17xxx Ashburton Road submitted an architectural change request to have the Alder trees trimmed in front of and adjacent to their home due to concern over large falling branches.  This request was approved by the Board.  A motion was made to allot $1,800 to lace the trees in that area that have the potential to be a liability to the community.  (MSC)


Violations:  None 9:08 p.m.

New Business 9:08 p.m.

  • A motion was made for 69 address boxes to be built by George and Andrew.  (MSC)  Modernizing the boxes was discussed and a motion was made to place the three street names on the address boxes.  (MSC)
  • City of San Diego Commercial Landscape Survey program:
  • The individual sprinkler heads recommendation for us to purchase in this survey cost approximately $4 to $5 per head with a minimum purchase of $200.  With the rebate that is offered through this program, the cost reduces to approximately $1 to $2 per head.  A Board member, concerned with some significant areas of run-off, noted that it would be worth spending the extra money to conserve water. 
  • A request was made for the Landscape Committee to note excessive areas of run-off and report them to the office for work orders to be generated.
  • A request was made for the Maintenance staff to conduct an audit of all sprinkler heads throughout the community to evaluate and fix sprinkler problems.
  • A list of the three newest owners in the community was presented to the Board.
  • The welcome packet that is received by new Homeowners was reviewed by the Board as a whole.  Discussion proceeded about including a Board of Directors introduction letter in the welcome packet.  A request was made for renters in the community to also receive the Playmor Post.  These requests will be placed on the January 21, 2009 meeting agenda. 
  • CAI Volunteer Leadership seminar is being offered on Saturday, February 28, 2009.  (Note: Date change.)  Three Board members may attend this event, they are to contact the office after checking their calendars and the Manager will register them for the class. 


Unfinished Business 9:39 p.m.

  • An alternate route for Board of Directors e-mail will be created through in the coming months.
  • The City of San Diego Water Conservation Department information on receiving low-flow showerheads will be available in the Playmor Post and on the Playmor website for any owners interested in participating in this free offer.  
  • Reserve Study Bids:

The Board requested the Manager to provide more detailed information on the Reserve Study bids.  A motion was made to request more information from the two vendors under consideration.  (MSC)

  • The Board decided to monitor the item of changing the violation process.  At present all violations will be noticed for the 8:30 p.m. time slot.  This item will be discussed in detail at the January 21, 2009 meeting.
  • 15 minute discussions lead by Todd Clark on ideas for improving the HOA in the areas of communication, service(s), technology, revenue, cost control, and reserve / community projects.  This item was introduced with an excel spreadsheet at the November 20, 2008 meeting.  The Board and Manager brainstormed and added their ideas to the Community Project spreadsheet.  The Board requested to have a special meeting in early January to prioritize the projects and determine which ones can be accomplished in this fiscal year.  This meeting will be “Future Project Brainstorming” from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., the date to be determined.
  • Results of paint inquiry at annual meeting were presented.   A motion was made and seconded to keep all four doors painted the same color in each building.  Motion was not passed; a new motion was made to wait for completion of the reserve study to continue with painting doors.  (MSC)
  • Pool entrapment devices information:
  • The Manager explained that it is unknown if the state of California is going to adopt more restrictive laws than the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Safety Act.   
  • Project summary will be presented at the January 21, 2008 meeting.


Adjourn to Executive Session 11:00 p.m.
Adjourn Meeting 11:15 p.m.

(MSC) = Motion, Second, Carried

Next Months Board Meeting will be held on
Wednesday, January 21, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the HOA Office, Pool # 2.