March 17, 2008

Call to order/opening remarks by President 7:11 p.m.

Approval of Meeting Minutes for February 11, 2008 7:13 p.m.

Approval of Executive Meeting Minutes for March 3, 2008 7:13 p.m.

Owner's Forum 7:14 p.m.

Owners may address The Board – 2 minutes for each homeowner – collectively 30 minutes maximum.  (Written submissions accepted over 30 minute time limit). Two Homeowners addressed the Board later in the meeting.

Committee Reports 7:15 p.m.

Budget & Finance Committee

  • President, Jeff Wilson, asked if the Board had any questions on approach, assumptions, steps or bottom line of the proposed budget.
  • Manager explained the necessity of two (2) additional line items to proposed budget.  In the past these expenses were paid by the contingency category or by underfunding the contribution to the reserve account.
    1.  Foreclosure Expense
    2.  Lawsuit Expense
  • She also explained that this initial draft of the budget contained NO contribution to the reserve account outside of the roofing loan payments.
  • Manager also explained that according to the Community Associations Institute, every HOA budget should have one (1) month’s HOA dues in a contingency line item.  If the contingency is not exhausted in that fiscal year, the funds can then be transferred tax free to the reserve account.  This practice will, by default, fund reserves and is recommended especially for communities that have an inadequate percentage of reserve funding.  Playmor has never implemented this practice; therefore, we have suffered multiple consecutive years of under funding the reserve account.
  • One owner explained that every line item was examined.  Just because it was in this year’s budget, did not mean they were going to move it to the proposed budget for fiscal year 2009.
  • Susan Joseph suggested the possibility of another format for the 2009 Budget information and then having it posted on Playmor’s website.
  • President, Jeff Wilson, stated the Board will need the final information to vote on the Fiscal Year 2009 budget at April’s meeting.

Landscape Committee 

  • Last month the Landscape Committee submitted an application to the California Center for Sustainable Energy.  We have been approved through that program to receive 95 free trees.  A prerequisite before the trees can be delivered is that several participants must take a 90 minute to two (2) hour class instructing us on how to plant the trees according to their guidelines.
  • Board member, Linda Steverson, requested volunteers to plant the free trees.  A request will be put out in the newsletter.
  • Rita’s Landscape Presentation:  Three (3) members of the Landscape Committee took a field-trip on March 15 to Cuyamaca College Conservation Gardens.  There, they toured multiple landscape designs tailored towards water conservation.  Many of these designs were similar to plans the Landscape Committee have begun formulating for Playmor.  Pictures were circulated for the Board to have a vision of the proposed landscaping designs along the freeway wall.
  • Landscape Committee requested $500 for:
    • Cement retaining bricks for an area along Ashburton Road and to finish the Ritidan entrance
    • Ground cover (mulch) for entrance
    • Few more plants for Ritidan entrance

     The Board approved this request.   (MSC)

  • It was brought to the Boards attention that homeowner, Helen Harmon, donated $100 in plants to be used at the Ritidan entrance.
  • Manager asked the Board to approve Playmor’s participation in a Commercial Landscape Water Survey Program put on by the City of San Diego.  President, Jeff Wilson instructed the manager to have our insurance agent review the documents and verify Playmor’s insurance coverage in case we need a waiver before participation.
  • A homeowner appeared to appeal the fines imposed in July and in September of 2007. The fines were for failure to clean up after pet and for dog off leash.  A board member motioned to review the fines in Executive Session.   (MSC)  
  • A homeowner addressed the Board to appeal the fine imposed on her property on January 24, 2008.  President, Jeff Wilson, read the written response submitted by her in January.  President, Jeff Wilson, stated that she needed an advocate of the Board to proceed.  No advocate. 8:34 P.M.

Manager’s Report 9:17 p.m.


  • The security account was discussed.  A board member asked the question “Is the security service a deterrent for vandals?” The ideas of possible cancellation of service and investigation of installation of HOA cameras at pools were discussed.  President, Jeff Wilson said to put topic into next month’s agenda.
  • The exterior lighting account was discussed.  Two Board members suggested solar pole lights for the area in question.  Manager will research cost.  This topic is to be put on next month’s agenda.
  • The pool account was discussed.  The off budget expense is for a heater at Pool #1.
  • The tree trimming/removal account was discussed.  Manager is going to be taking bids for the removal of some Eucalyptus trees. 

 Misc Topics

  • A property management company asked for a temporary HOA key for their tenant until the ordered key tag was delivered.  The Board denied this request.
  • Manager asked for approval from the Board to waive late charges for one homeowner.  The Board approved this request.
  • An owner made a request to have a scavenger hunt at her daughter’s birthday party.  Manager was instructed to let the owner know that the association can not grant or deny permission for the party since the scavenger hunt is not an association function.

Reserve Study Discussion

Manager asked the Board for approval to contract a Reserve Study. The Board voted for deferral to next year’s budget.   (MSC)

Tree Removal Letters for Review

 Homeowners received letters from the HOA regarding the need to remove a plant (tree, brush or vine) from their patio area that is causing or has the potential to cause damage to the upstairs deck or the patio wall.  The Board directed the manager to send Notice of Violation letters to owner’s who have not complied with the request to have their plant removed by April 11, 2008.

Members Status Reports

  • Cable cut for homeowner on Ashburton Road on 3/12/08 
  • The following members have paid their balances in full and the Board voted to restore their status to Members in Good Standing:

Homeowners on Timaru Way (MSC)
Homeowners on Ashburton Road MSC)

 Board Votes for Lien Approval

it is resolved that the board authorizes that a lien be recorded on the Properties with assessor parcel numbers listed below in the event payment in full is not received by the deadline imposed in the Intent to Lien letters.

Assessor’s parcel Number
Ashburton Road  
 273-840-15-09   (MSC)
Fairlie Road   
273-840-15-31  (MSC)

Unfinished Business 11:00 p.m.

  • Address Box & Garage Light Issue

Research presented by VP, Todd Clark. Will coordinate a meeting with Manager and Maintenance Supervisor.  More information to be presented next month.

  • Split Rail Fence Replacement:

 (from 17488 to 17529 Fairlie Road) Because the fence borders a dangerous slope, the Board authorized its replacement.  (MSC)

  • Spring Clean-Up/ Haul Away Day

The Board authorized the Manager to schedule a Spring Clean-up day and rent a dumpster to help homeowners dispose of bulky household items.   (MSC)

New Business                                                                                                 

  • Complaints about Christmas Lights Still on Buildings

Board requested the manager to send letters to homeowners who still have Christmas lights up and to look into an official policy to be adopted for the Rules book.

  • Discuss BBQ at Pool #1

Although few homeowners use the grill, it is often the target of costly vandalism.  Before eliminating the BBQ as an asset for the community’s use, we will place a new and different lock on the grill to see if that cuts down on the vandalism.  Manager will track the requests to use the BBQ over the summer to determine the benefit it serves.

  • Purchase Fertilizer for Grass (25 bags at $15 approximately per bag)

The Board authorized funds to purchase fertilizer for the grass in Playmor after it is aerated.  Manager will research renting an aerator as the most recent bid for aeration was $2,400.00.

  • Building Decks on the Weekends

     Since plumbing leaks have slowed considerably and the QEST plumbing is now being eliminated by the special assessment, the manager is hopeful that the Maintenance staff can replace a deck every 4-6 weeks.

Adjourn to Executive Session (MSC) 12:07 a.m.

Adjourned (MSC) 1:00 am.

Next Months Board Meeting will be held on
Monday, April 21, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. in the HOA Office, Pool # 2.