December 17, 2007

Call to order/opening remarks by President 7:03P.M.

Minutes for November 10, 2007 approved as submitted 7:12 PM

Owner’s forum 7:13 P.M.


  1. Four owners voiced questions regarding the proposed assessment related to sub-metering.
  2. An owner submitted alternative assessment proposal for review by the board.
  3. Two owners expressed their appreciation to the staff and their response to their recent water leaks.
  4. An owner questioned quorum requirements for passing the proposed assessment.
  5. An owner inquired as to the procedure for the counting of “secret ballots.”
  6. An owner expressed appreciation for the posting of the agenda prior to the meeting date.

Requests: None

Managers report  7:59 P.M.

The manager has researched the possibility of epoxy coating the existing copper pipes and has found the following information:

  • The epoxy warrantee is only good for 10 to 15 years versus a copper warrantee which is good for 30 to 50 years.
  • The cost of epoxy coating is only slightly less than a total replumb and is warranted for fewer years.
  • Multiple plumbers who were consulted have cautioned the manager regarding the problematic aspect of epoxy coating because Playmor involves multiple owners all of whom might choose to remodel their individual kitchens/baths.
  • Pipes that have been epoxy coated can no longer be soldered in the standard manner.
  • This option would provide minimal savings and a variety of potential problems.

Water bills

 October water charges

November water charges

Meter location


Meter location


11855 Timaru


11855 Timaru


17589 Fairlie


17589 Fairlie


17482 Fairlie


17482 Fairlie


17424 Fairlie


17424 Fairlie


17435 Fairlie


17435 Fairlie


11835 Timaru


11835 Timaru


October total

       $ 16,443.18

November    total

      $ 19,994.09

                     The HOA budget for water FY 08 is only $18,000 per month.

Because Playmor was evacuated due to the fires, the water bill was down over $3,500 for the month of October.

Members currently in poor standing 9:15 p.m.

Six members and one lending institution are currently in poor standing. Two had cable disconnected 9/07/07.

  •   Seven members with outstanding balances received letters from the HOA regarding their balances. The board voted as follows on their “standing” and “eligibility” to use the common area amenities:

Resolution on delinquencies:  the membership status of the named owners is determined to be “not in good standing.”  The privileges of owners “not in good standing” to use all common area amenities are suspended, effective upon notice set forth in the bylaws.  Such owners must remit their I.D. tag and key to the office no later than December 28, 2007.  All privileges to use the tennis courts, pools, spas, barbecue, and to receive Time-Warner basic cable service are revoked until the membership status has been restored to “in good standing.   (MSC)

The following members are now in “poor standing” and have had their privileges revoked:

  • Four owners (MSC)

The following two members are “members in poor standing;” however, at this time their privileges to use the common area amenities have not been revoked.

  • Two owners (MSC)

The following member has paid her balance in full and remains a” member in good standing.”

  • One owner (MSC)

 Board vote for lien approval: it is resolved that the board  authorizes that a lien be recorded on the properties with assessor parcel numbers listed below in the event payment  in full is not received by the deadline imposed in the intent  to lien letters. (MSC)

Parcel numbers: 273-840-09-21 and 273-840-15-31

Financials 9:35 P.M. 

As of 12/12/07, 263 homeowners have paid their assessment in full. The HOA has now been billed for both projects covered by the special assessment.

The number of homeowners who have not yet paid dues for the month of december is very high. This unfortunately is typical for this time of year.

For fiscal year 2008 Qest and copper plumbing expenses as of December 12, 2007, are $40,364.53. This amount includes one building replumb from Qest to copper.  

Special assessment funds have also replumbed an additional building this fiscal year. The project was completed just prior to Thanksgiving.

Unfinished business 9:55 P.M.

  • Playmor has experienced eight water leaks since November 3, 2007.  These leaks have affected 14 homes with water damage.   Fortunately, two of the leaks affected one unit only.
  • For their review and discussion the attorney’s office provided the board with frequently asked questions and answers on bank foreclosures.
  • Anonymous complaint:  regarding homeowners with multiple cars parked on city streets and inoperable vehicles parked in assigned spaces, the manager stated that the homeowners have been called and advised of the rules in the rules book that pertain to inoperable vehicles.  The city of San Diego owns the streets in Playmor; subsequently, the HOA has no authority to police vehicles parked on those streets.

New business

Committee organization:

  • Finance committee: the Manager and Treasurer, Debra Burke, will chair the finance committee which will meet monthly leading up to budget preparations beginning in January, 2008. To date four homeowners have volunteered to be members of this committee.
  • Landscaping committee:   board members Susan Joseph and Linda Steverson will chair this committee. To date there are seven homeowners who have volunteered to be members of this committee.

  • Peterson Roofing has completed their annual maintenance and cleaning of the gutters.   
  •  The HOA rented a dumpster to dispose of extra debris from the fire storm. While it was here the HOA removed three dead Alders next to the tennis courts and one dead Alder on Ashburton Road.
  •  Homeowner requests to remove late fees. Five homeowners requested removal of late fees. Four late fees were waived. The board denied one homeowner's request because the plumbing assessment remains unpaid. (MSC)

  • Landscaping request:  Owner on Fairlie Road tabled due to other priorities.  Request will be forwarded to the landscaping committee for review.


Owner: Owner/tenant drives a blue pickup truck. Women with blond hair are constantly speeding in and out of their driveway. Children are always playing in the area when she speeds in and out. The owner was told and she laughed. This is not funny. No violation found   (MSC)

Owner and tenant: Owner/tenant’s dog (a golden retriever) was outside without a leash and unsupervised. Tuesday, November 27, 2007, the dog left waste in the bushes and no one came out to clean it up. It is believed that there is a substantial amount of dog waste in the bushes. No violation found   (MSC)

Adjourn to Executive Session 11:35 PM

Adjourned from Executive Session 12:32 P.M.

Prepared by Sandra M. Witt, Administrative Assistant