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Home Owner Association dues total $400.00 per month. For your convenience, a courtesy reminder notice will be mailed to you.

Payment must be received at the following address: Playmor Bernardo HOA, 17540 Fairlie Rd., San Diego CA 92128-3934. To ensure they are properly credited, make sure your unit number is written on the check.

Many banks and personal financial programs offer banking online. This allows you to schedule monthly payments in advance and have them automatically mailed

You may also hand deliver your payment to the office at pool #2 or drop it in the mail slot to the left of the covered gate at pool #2

  • Home Owner Association (HOA) charges pay for exterior building maintenance, exterior lighting, exterior water and landscaping, pools and tennis court maintenance, reserve funding and other amenities. This charge is determined by the Board of Directors.
  • Cable TV charges pay for Time Warner© bulk-rate basic cable television service includes internet plus HBO and Showtime effective September 1, 2016. This charge is negotiated between the HOA and by Time Warner©
  • Domestic Water charges pay for county-imposed fees for water used within all of the homes. This also includes charges for sewage service charged by the county. All water charges are determined by the County of San Diego and are based upon the total household water usage by all Playmor residents

After the 15th of each month a late fee of 10% will be added if payment has not been received in the office. Accounts that fall in arrears may be subject to additional penalties. Please contact the office immediately if the good standing of your account is in jeopardy.