September 17, 2007

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Call to order/opening remarks by President 7:10 P.M.

Meeting minutes for August 20, 2007 approved as submitted (MSC) 7:11 P.M.

Review of the annual audit 7:15 p.m.

Joe Perna, CPA, summarized playmor HOA’s annual audit for fiscal year 2007.  He reviewed income and expenses for both the operating and reserve accounts, including a question and answer time with homeowners.  

Manager's Report 7:40 P.M.

Manager explained that the role of a homeowners association is to channel funds in a “pass through” manner for services rendered to the homeowners.  Playmor is a not for profit corporation which means that dues are collected by the HOA for the purpose of  disbursing funds to pay for services.  By California law the balance of any money left over from a year’s expenses is required to be transferred to the reserve account.  Because Playmor’s reserve account was funded at only 6% on July 30, 2007, the only option available to the board of directors and membership is special assessments to undertake current and necessary maintenance requirements; therefore, the manager recommends that the board of directors consider a special assessment.

Violations 9:45P.M.

  • Owner: On Friday, August 17, 2007, owner is accused of violating the rules & regulations:    satellite dish attached to deck post. Violation found.

  • Owner and tenant: On Tuesday, August 14, 2007, at 5:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and on Wednesday,
    August 15, 2007, at 12:00 a.m., owner/ tenant is accused of violating the rules & regulations related to noxious or offensive activities in a condominium or area of the project interfering with the quiet enjoyment of the owners of adjacent units:  1)  loud noises/ music, that can be felt and heard next door 2) trash left in the common area: cigarette butts have been   thrown on the outside sidewalk. Violation found

  • Owner: On Wednesday, September 5, 2007, at approximately 4:30 p.m. owner/tenant is accused of violating the rules & regulations:  owner and two children used pool #2 after the owner’s privileges to use common area amenities had been revoked. Violation found.

  • Owner and tenant: On August 26, 2007, at approximately 6:00 p.m. tenant is accused of violating the rules & regulations:  use of HOA water for private business. Violation found.

  • Owner: On Tuesday, August 14, 2007, at approximately 10:20 p.m. owners children are accused of violating the rules & regulations: skateboarding between parking stalls 17515, 17513, 17529 and 17531 after 8:00 p.m. Postponed to 10/15/07 meeting

Owners Forum  9:21 P.M.

(owners may address the board – 2 minutes each – 30 minute maximum; written submissions accepted over 30 minute time limit)    

  • Concerns
    Will dues go down when the roofing loan is paid in full and why would we fund reserves with an assessment?
  • Requests
    What amount of money would need to be spent in order to fix and improve everything now?  An assessment of $1,500 dollars would seem to band aid the current problems.  Can we please let the members vote for an assessment that would eliminate the roofing loan obligation?

Treasurer’s Water Report 10:21 P.M.

San Diego county is experiencing ongoing water and sewer rate increases. An accurate estimate of potential water rate         increases is just not possible given the current unpredictable state of California’s water problems. The assurance we do           have is that water rates will consistently continue to rise.

The treasurer estimated an additional monthly allocation of $2,300 to $2,400 be set aside to cover increasing water expenses
over and above the $18,000 budget projection.

Managers Report 10:40 P.M.

Manager reviewed corrections to e-mail produced by concerned residents of playmor regarding the HOA’s financial situation.  

The reserve account also includes a CD at Banco Popular. Last month’s balance was $29,676.

There were seven Qest building, now six, one partially paid for.

The operating fund while adequate to cover current expenses  is insufficient to fund the projected contribution to reserves. 

Regarding securing a bank loan, requirements are: any loan amount, large or small, must be voted on by the membership. A loan must secured by a certificate of deposit. The procedure of procuring a new loan would take a minimum of six months. The certificate of deposit for our existing secured roofing loan is presently under funded.

Every fiscal year begins with “front-loaded” expenses to secure insurance coverage for the coming fiscal year, including both workers compensation and the master insurance policy.

The HOA has reverted to a critical spending mode. The reserve  money spent during this fiscal year was scheduled fiscal year 2007.

Again, the Manager reinforced the fact that all extra monies are being applied to reserves at the end of each month. The  manager explained that the role of a home-owners’ association is to channel funds in a “pass through” manner for services rendered to the homeowners.  Playmor is a not for profit corporation which means that dues are collected by the HOA for the purpose of dispersing funds to pay for services.  By California law the balance of any money left over from a year’s expenses is required to be transferred to the reserve account. 

Possible dues increases could be estimated for up to three years, not beyond. The reserve requirement is constantly changing because it is a living and breathing entity.

Cable television: the Board of Directors voted at the August meeting to place this topic on the ballot for voting by the membership at the annual meeting.









11855 TIMARU


11855 TIMARU


















11835 TIMARU


11835 TIMARU






                     THE HOA BUDGET FOR WATER FY 08 IS ONLY $18,000 PER MONTH



Lien Update

  • Owner: Possibly Bank Owned
  • Owner: Dispute letter and payment submitted 09/17/07
  • Owner: Paid $1000 9/14/07

Sub-Meter updated tabled to 10/15/07

Letter to members about assessment

The board of directors unanimously approved a special assessment of all members in the amount of $227.53.  This amount to be billed immediately with a due date of November 1, 2007. The assessment money is for special projects only, including the re-plumbing of building # 68 and the reinstatement of the fire recovery fund.    (MSC)

The board charged the manager to review the option of a $3,000 special assessment to present the board a new set of numbers pertinent to paying the roofing loan in full.                                

Square footage at  Playmor tabled to 10/15/07



square feet in an acre

  x  35 

acres of land at Playmor HOA


square feet total

divided by  276  = 5,523.9

square feet of land to be covered by each homeowners dues


Results on collection efforts

Owner: paid in full 8/22/07

Owner: paid in full 9/04/07

Owners: payment plan approved as submitted (MSC)

Owner: unit bank owned 9/6/07

Bank: unit bank owned

Owners: no contact. Disconnected cable 9/07/07
Owner: no contact. Disconnected cable 9/07/07
Owners: no contact. Disconnected cable 9/07/07

Cable: Manager reported positive results to using cable privileges as a tool to encourage owners to pay their past due balances. The board approved owner status of “paid in full” as the appropriate time to reinstate cable privileges. The board will vote at the next meeting to reinstate paid in full owners to “member in good standing.”  (MSC)

Neighbor disputes information from Adams & Kessler esq. Provided for the board’s information.

Manager has received estimates on deck replacement and is awaiting additional bids.

Maintenance contract bids: bids for two maintenance workers on site each for 40 hours per week under the umbrella of a licensed contractor would cost $55 per hour, per worker.

Landscaping contract bid:  five workers on site for 40 hours per week would cost $12,000 per month.  No worker
would pick up a shovel or trowel to do any sprinkler maintenance without an additional itemized charge per occasion.

Unfinished business 11:56 p.m.

Neighborhood watch designation:  removed from agenda due to lack of interest.

Owner landscaping request: removed from agenda, no plan submitted by owner.

Inspector of election appointed Joe Perna, CPA 12:30 – 2:00; 1 ½ hours $225 (MSC)

Callahan letter re: Degenhardt re-replumb: Lisa Degenhardt chose to suspend the “meet and confer” because of the board approved special assessment that will cover the costs to replumb her unit.

New business 12:15 p.m.

Owners request to remove tree to improve satellite reception: tabled pending researching the cost of removal of the tree; whether the homeowner will pay for removal/trimming of the tree; does the existing tree increase owners’ property values?

Adjourn to Executive Session 12:35 P.M.




Adjourn 1:22 A.M.