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HOA Improvements

Improvements / Project Updates

The Board of Directors for the Playmor Bernardo Home Owners Association advocates initiating substantial improvements within Playmor to meet the continually changing needs of our residents. These improvements are designed to enhance the value of our homes and keep up with the Reserve Study maintenance projects. This page will highlight the projects that are in process or have been completed within the community.

FY 2010 Funded Reserve Projects

  • 276 – Garage Doors Garage Doors
  • Roof Beams Replace/Refurbish ($20,000)
  • 7 – Building Paint Trim ($28,000)
  • Tree Trimming ($10,000)
  • Patio Wall Repair ($10,000)
  • Building Maintenance Wood ($4,000)
  • 1 – Driveway Paving ($15,000)
  • Termite Maintenance Program
  • Implement Water Meter Project (Funded by 2008 Assessment))

FY 2010 Additional Projects/In-house

  • Utility Box Door Replacement/Refurbishment
  • Red Curb Painting
  • Double Slats for Deck Railing
  • Lighting to Office/Sidewalk
  • HOA Business Continuity Plan
  • HOA Office Enhanced Process and Procedures for Efficiency and Capacity
  • Password Protect Website – Enables posting of monthly budget numbers
  • Fascia/Garage Door wood trim maintenance
  • Slab Leaks – as they occur
  • Copper Pin Hole Leaks – as they occur
  • Water Education/Conservation Efforts
  • Community Events – Fun
  • Community Events – Education/Input and Perspective
  • Acquire Email Addresses for All Owners/Residents
  • Review all Service Contracts for Cost Savings

FY 2009 Project Update

As of May 2009, there are several projects that are at different levels of completion. Following is an update on each one of them:

Pools Project – During this past year, the HOA was required to make upgrades to both pools and Jacuzzis to be in compliance with federal safety guidelines that went into effect in December of 2008. This was done during the winter months when pool usage was low. Both pools are now open.

Tree Trimming – During this past year, several trees were trimmed throughout the community to be in compliance with fire safety codes in relation to the amount of space between the trees and building chimneys. The cutting of trees is a priority budget item due to overgrowth, reduction of liability, and tree health. Due to the costs associated with tree removal and the large number of trees still requiring trimming and/or removal on the Playmor property, we will continue to monitor and prioritize this work.

Building Trim Painting – By the end of our fiscal year in June of 2009, seven buildings will have had the trim repainted. Each year, building trim on a certain number of buildings is a budgeted item set for completion. At this time there are still four buildings that are in the process of having the trim repainted.

Community Light Fixtures – The HOA is in the process of purchasing the plastic light fixtures that are attached to all of our buildings. This project has been budgeted. We are hopeful that the new light fixtures can be installed by the end of June during this fiscal year.

Address Boxes – The address boxes throughout the community all have been re-built and installed.

Parking Spot Numbering – All parking spots have been painted to reflect the address of the individual unit to which that space is assigned.

Fascia Boards on Buildings/Garages – This project will begin in early May. The goal of this project is to replace fascia wood on both the walls and garages that is in need of repair. We anticipate that the majority of this project will be completed before the end of summer.

Website – The website has been upgraded for usability and is being updated with information on a regular basis. The Playmor website can be viewed at . We will continue to make improvements to this site on an ongoing basis.

Red Curb Painting – After being on the City of San Diego’s paint list for several months, our red curbs were painted. Since the quality of the job was not satisfactory, we are working with the City to determine other options for correcting the overspray and other areas that were painted improperly or overlooked.

Sidewalk Replace and Grind – In an effort to reduce risk to the community, sidewalks with lifts have been replaced or ground down. The focus of this project was to eliminate all lifts that were ½ inch or greater per insurance standards.

Sidewalk Seams – During the winter months when lawn mowing and foliage/shrubbery required minimum maintenance, the landscape staff replaced the wood seams between the sidewalks throughout the entire community.

Office Building – During this past year, the office has become unusable due to water entry and mold. This has caused our office staff to work offsite. I am happy to report that a solution for the office has been chosen and that office construction will begin shortly. This item will be funded from money that was set aside during FY 09 for contingency projects.

Lawn Fertilization/Aeration – Prior to summer, the lawns in the community will all be aerated and fertilized so that irrigation will soak in better and not run off.

Landscape – Many of you have noticed that the lawn and trimming activities have been reduced dramatically over the past few months. During this slower foliage growth period, we have used our landscape staff to work on other deferred maintenance projects throughout the community. We have also reduced the amount of hedge trimming to allow the shrubs to fill in. We anticipate that the amount of pruning will be reduced to quarterly.

Landscape Committee – The Landscape Committee has planted new trees and foliage throughout the Playmor community, including the entrances, the grassy areas, the back wall, where the old bins were in the center of the community, and in front of and surrounding many buildings. The committee has concentrated on beautifying our community as well as selecting drought-resistant trees and plants that will assist us in conserving water. The Board’s and this committee’s goal is to continue to reduce grass throughout the community to help offset water consumption.

Inventory of HOA Tools/Equipment – The Playmor staff is currently taking inventory of our equipment and tools so that we remain knowledgeable about what we own and what we will need to repair or replace in the near future.

Reserve Study – The community is required by California law to obtain a Reserve Study every three years. This report helps determine the remaining life of the components in the community that last more than one year. This reserve study will be available to the community in the next month. This will be used to help the Board of Directors/Manager determine what must be done and in what order to preserve the buildings and property in the community. The study has shown the Board that there are many deferred maintenance projects that need to be undertaken in the immediate future. The focus of future discussions will be about how we can pay for these items.

FY 2008 Assessment Project Update

During FY 08 the Playmor Community voted for and approved a $2000 assessment per household. This assessment was to cover several deferred maintenance projects and to fund a project for individual water meter installation. Several options were provided to home owners for completing the payment of the assessment. 1) $2000 lump sum 2) 4 payments of $500 3) $100 per month for twenty months. A list of specific items and their status is below. The assessment was completely paid for at the end of November 2009.

$125,000 – Re-plumb all Remaining QEST Buildings
Project Status: Project Complete

$75,000 – Additional Money for the Roofing Loan Deposit Account
Project Status: Project Complete

$128,000 – Replace 32 Decks
Project Status: Project Complete

$25,000 – Driveway Paving
Project Status: – Awaiting a better price point for the work to be done. This amount of money will allow for approximately two driveways to be replaced. Further funding will be needed for additional driveway replacement in the future. In addition to the assessment monies for this project, the FY 2009 budget of $12,000 allowed for one driveway to be completed. Once new bids are reviewed, three driveways will be paved. Project Complete

$20,800 – Construction of New Maintenance Area (This project came about from the area that was dismantled during the new freeway wall construction). By completing this project, the community was able to remove the rented storage bins that were located in the middle of the community. Once the fence between the tennis courts and the freeway wall is built the second tennis/basketball court will be re-opened. This project is anticipated to be finished in early May.Project Status: Project Complete

$2,200 – Playground Upgrade – The community playground equipment and play area has been enhanced to give families a place to enjoy. If you have not yet seen this area, please take a walk over to the Southwest corner of our community. Project Status: Project Complete

$38,000 – Replenish Reserve Funds
Project Status: Complete

$138,000 – Water Sub-meters – Installing water sub-metering in the community will allow homeowners to be responsible for individual water usage. This project completion will enable the Playmor HOA to remove a large inflationary item from the budget. The impact of this project will reduce the wide swings in the operating budget caused by increases in the cost of water. This will allow the Board of Directors not to have to raise the monthly dues simply to keep up with the ever increasing cost of water. It will also allow each homeowner to conserve water and to be billed for only the usage of each independent household versus paying the average for the community.
Project Status: Research has begun on vendors and project logistics

FY 2004 Project Update